What is functional training and why does it matter?

December 12, 2018

There are many reasons why individuals workout, including weight loss, weight maintenance, toning, or stress relief. Recently, functional training has become a popular class of exercise as it is an excellent way to improve the functionality of our daily movements.

When you think about everyday activities, such as rising from a chair, carrying heavy bags of groceries, lifting a box from the floor, or walking around a city with various types of terrain, you’ll notice we use certain patterns of movement to keep us going. Functional training exercises focus on these movement patterns so that we can move through life with greater stability, mobility, flexibility and strength.

At a traditional gym, you may see people training specific muscles such as biceps or quads. Unlike exercises that train specific joints or muscles, in functional training, it is just as critical to train a specific movement as it is to train a specific muscle so that neuromuscular system functions well as a whole.

Simply put, the main goal of functional training is to transfer the strength gained from one movement to enhance the performance of another movement, and improve the overall fitness of your body while burning fat.

If you are looking to gain greater strength, flexibility and mobility, try a functional training at TORQ! Check out our CYCLE-SWITCH, SWITCH and TORQCORE classes to try and learn how varied exercises help us keep movement patterns in tact. Here’s a quick look at how each class incorporates functional training:

SWITCH – If you think exercise is boring, this class will make you think again! SWITCH is perfect for fitness goers of all levels. Using a mix of equipment, such as TRX, battle ropes, Kettle Bells, free weights, sandbags, and VIPR, we go through a series of varied, intense exercises alternated with rest intervals (HIIT) to burn serious calories and train your body from head to toe.

CYCLE-SWITCH – Want to get the most out of what TORQ has to offer? Our CYCLE-SWITCH class is a must. It’s the best balance of cycling and functional training. We do 25 minutes of HIIT functional training and 25 minutes of high-intensity cycling so you get cardio and muscle toning, all in one class.

TORQCORE –  Don’t underestimate the importance of a strong core! This class is a full-body and versatile core circuit workout for your abdominal, spine, and hips. If you’d like to gain greater core strength, as well as increase your overall balance, flexibility, and stability, then TORQCORE is the class for you.

Have questions about functional training or want to know how you can integrate this type of training into your regular workout regimen? Ask our trainers for more information or contact us here!