Melissa Browning

Meet our dedicated, supermom TORQStar of the Month: Melissa Brown

March 14, 2019

As you all know, we love flaunting our TORQ members who are dedicated, passionate and serious about their fitness. Our TORQStar of the Month is Melissa Brown, and oh boy does she have the courage and stamina to push herself each time. As a full-time mom and investment researcher, Melissa values keeping herself mentally and physically fit and motivates herself through a joy in physical activities. Read our little chat with her below to get to know her more.

Please describe yourself in one line, Melissa.

Well I’ve spent 26 years doing investment research in Hong Kong plus raising kids and traveling a lot. Exercise = sanity.

We want to know what motivates you to be so dedicated and persistent?

Like many people, I’ve had my fair share of injuries. Why am I motivated? Because I love hiking, snowboarding, and Wing Chun. And to continue what I love, I need to physically and mentally fit or else all those activities take a toll on you if you’re not fit.

Did you always have this mindset towards fitness?

I played a lot of sports when I was young. The only question as I got older was how organized & disciplined I wanted to be about exercise.

What do you love about TORQ?

The total package is really thought through. The team–instructors and staff–are pros. Everyone is treated with respect and they tune in to needs of new people and experienced people very smoothly. The equipment and space are well looked after. I also appreciate the fact that the atmosphere is positive, but the focus is on working out without a lot of distractions.

What are the classes you enjoy and why?

Spin classes are intense and the switch classes are great for functional strength.

What are the benefits you have seen with the classes and being so dedicated to fitness in general? How does it help mentally, emotionally and physically?

I like intense exercises in a carefully structured setting. That way I don’t have to worry about injuring myself and I can easily make adjustments without bothering anyone else. I use TORQ to ensure that my base fitness is at a high level. That makes it possible for me to get the most out of the other things that I like to do.

What is the advice you would like to give women to motivate them to achieve these benefits too?

Women have only really learned how to train in the last 20 years. Before that it was all a question of what came naturally to you. I’m finding that the upside to active training is pretty open-ended. If you can find the right balance, there’s a huge pay-off over a number of years. Just keep the focus on keeping yourself fit as much as you can.

Interview by Shaaya Mehta