Meet our passionate, fitness-loving TORQStar: Shirley Ting

December 10, 2018

Our team at TORQ adore the following qualities in our members: dedication, commitment, passion and most of all, sincerity! And when we see these qualities in any of our TORQ members, we love to go all out to praise them because they deserve to be appreciated. One such praiseworthy TORQer is Shirley Ting who has all the above qualities and more. Not only is she a power woman who strives to lead a healthy and physically active life, but she is extremely disciplined, humble and so inspirational to us. Learn why we love this TORQStar Performer!

Tell  us about  yourself?

I am Shirley Ting, I was born and raised in HK. I’m a fitness trainer and I workout about 5 days a week. I found out about TORQ through surfing the net and been committed to TORQ for 2 years (joined in 2016).

What are the changes you have noticed after joining TORQ?

My body is stronger, my metabolism has increased and my agility is better than before. But most importantly, my mental health is becoming stronger due to the high intensity classes at TORQ.

What  are the  few things  you love about  TORQ and their trainers?

TORQ has fun and targeted classes that one can never get bored of. They always keep me motivated and help me break into a sweat. I love TORQ because they are a hygienic and cozy studio combined with a team of well-educated trainers! They are happy to share their lifestyle with you and also teach you to align your body posture through every single workout to achieve your fitness goal. Besides that, the TORQ trainers also lead us to improve our fitness levels through intensity, speed and of course good music!

What are your favourite classes at TORQ?

That’s a very difficult question. I love all the classes to be honest. But if you force me to pick one, then its the CYCLE class with June – she is a hardcore trainer and she’s a beast who will push you to the max.

What keeps you dedicated & motivated?

Human beings need change and variety to keep themselves motivated. I love exercising but I also need variety in my workouts which I find at TORQ. The classes are fun and highly intense which challenges me and keeps me further motivated. Besides, I love the adrenaline rush I feel during and after the workouts. It makes me feel so good about myself.

What are your future goals?

I have worked hard to achieve the fitness level I am at right now. My goal is to increase my power, to increase my mental strength and maintain a healthier and stronger body.

What is your mantra to your fitness journey?

Be consistent, eat in moderation and be balanced! Establish a good healthy lifestyle (physically and mentally). Of course, little treats and cheats should always be entertained to keep oneself motivated.

Thanks for being a upstanding TORQ member, Shirley! We appreciate your positive attitude and passion for a healthy lifestyle!

Interview by Shaaya Mehta