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TORQ Trainer of the Month: Zosha!

February 19, 2019

“Age doesn’t matter: attitude does,” says Zosha, who is an all-rounder. A dancer, swimmer, runner, skier, aerobics queen and a lot more, we hope you’ll enjoy reading more about our TORQ Trainer of the Month. Zosha’s journey will not only charge you up but you will absolutely adore her as well.

Tell us when and how did your relationship with fitness begin?

I’ve always loved moving! I did Ballet, Jazz and Tap dancing from the age of 4, swimming for my local swim club, local downhill ski squad, and horse riding. I grew up in the NSW Snowy Mountains of Australia, so I had lots of space and time! I got the running bug when I was about 13 and started to push myself to run further and faster. My brother was into cycling and triathlons, so I also got a road bike and rode to school everyday and added serious kms to my fitness routine.

Why did you choose to be a trainer or this industry?

When I was 15, I chose Aerobics for a sport elective one term, and then became seriously hooked to jumping up and down in G-string leotards, flesh coloured tights  and high energy music! Whilst studying for my finals at school, I was choreographing routines in my living room and making playlists from my massive record collection.  The local gym gave me fill-in classes and my Mum gave me the Aerobic/Fitness Instructors Course as a present for doing well in my final exams. I had the time of my life in that course and knew that I had to be part of the Fitness Industry. When I moved to Sydney to study at University, I applied to lots of gyms and started teaching part-time anywhere and everywhere to get experience and a to get a name for myself. I was very busy! I competed in Aerobic Competitions and then started to get a feel for training for strength and power as well as fitness. So much fun!  Personal training wasn’t a job at that time, but all my fitness experience laid the foundation for when eventually I was invited to train my first client.

Tell us about any accomplishment or certification you have obtained recently?

I recently completed a Diploma in Integrative Nutrition through the University of New York, and also a Diploma in Wholefood Nutrition through Hawthorn University. I am also learning about Natural Therapies and incorporating essential oils for health and wellbeing with my clients and family.

How do you maintain your fitness level?

The structured exercises sessions I do weekly are weight training, cycling and TRX. I try and do Pilates reformer, mat work and body work like roller and stretching  every day, even if it’s just for 15 minutes. I have a horse that I ride/exercise and look after in Clearwater Bay everyday, as well as two big dogs and two very energetic kids that keep me running around like a mad chicken! All of this seems to keep me in pretty good fitness.

Why did you choose to become an Indoor Cycling trainer?

I was living in the US and Spinning had just been launched in the Fitness Industry by a cyclist called Johnny G. I did the course and absolutely loved the combination of Indoor cycling and music. And there was no threat of being hit by a truck or car on the road!  I hadn’t properly cycled for ages, so it took me about 6 months of training to be able to cycle and coach at the same time. I’ve never looked back. I have taught for so many years, and I still get excited to play new music and take people on a cycle journey.

Do you think diet and lifestyle makes a huge difference? If yes, can you please tell us more about your diet & lifestyle?

Yes without a doubt. When I was in my 20’s, I exercised a lot,  partied a lot, and got away with eating anything and still looking good! However it caught up with me and I ended up getting glandular fever and not being able to get out of bed for months. I had severe adrenal fatigue and it took a lot of education and shift in my mind set to eat and exercise for health and not just to have a 6 pack. Falling pregnant with my first child was the first time I really thought about eating and living organically and chemically free. It made such a difference to my mental state, and energy levels.

What are the biggest challenges you face while training other clients?

Other than me not talking too much! I find it challenging to keep people in a routine in Hong Kong. Work demands are so crazy and so many workplaces don’t value work/physical/mental health balance.  Many of my clients work long hours, have high work performance demands, and travel too much and because of this they find it difficult to eat well, sleep effectively and have enough energy to exercise. It would be amazing to see companies give incentives to staff for creating balance in their lives.

Many people ask us the benefits of Indoor Cycling, can you list a few for our TORQ members? How does Indoor Cycling help?

I think the greatest benefit of indoor cycling, is that it’s such a super non-impact exercise (not jarring to the joints like knees, hips and backs),  that gets you strong in the heart and lungs and creates muscle to make you burn more energy at rest. Have you ever seen an overweight cyclist? They have the best legs, great arses and they look strong and athletic! As a workout, Indoor cycling is super efficient. You can blast your body in just 20 mins, which means there is no excuse to not do any exercise!

What are the tips you would like to give other people who also want to become trainers like you? Does age matter?

Becoming a trainer takes, like any skill, time and effort. If you are passionate and you genuinely want to help people then this is the job for you. Be open to working early mornings, late nights plus weekends and be hungry to learn and practise what you preach. In my years of teaching and training I have invested a lot of time and money doing courses and sending myself around the world learning from the best and I believe because of this investment, I am lucky to always be employed and valued. Age doesn’t matter, but attitude does. The right positive energy at any age will open doors and give anyone opportunity, particularly in the Fitness Industry!

Interview by Shaaya Mehta